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Tag rugby launched

Pupils at Noor Ul Islam have got into the spirit of the Rugby World Cup by adopting a whole school sport, tag rugby. The sport allows boys and girls to have lots of fun, stay fit and develop teamwork skills. As a non-contact sport it is also safe for all ages. We look forward to developing a school team in the near future to challenge other schools!

It's hot!

Internet Safety Advice for parents


As parents and teachers we are always protective of our children but are we aware of the possible dangers of the internet? Here are a few tips to follow in order to keep our children safe on the internet;

Be in control

Make use of the parental controls on your home broadband and any internet-enabled devices. You can find out how at your broadband provider’s website or by visiting

Search Safely

Use safe search engines such as or Safe search settings can also be activated on Google and other search engines as well as YouTube. You can find out more at

Agree boundaries

Be clear what your child can and can’t do online – where they can use the internet, how much time they can spend online, the sites they can visit and the type of information they can share. Agree with your child when they can have a mobile device or tablet.

Explore together

The best way to find out what your child is doing online is to ask them to tell you about it. Put the family computer in a communal area so you can see what sites they’re visiting and share with them.

Check if it’s suitable

The age ratings that come with games and apps are a good guide to whether they’re suitable for your child. The minimum age limit is 13 for several social networking sites, including Facebook and Instagram.

For further reading please refer to the following booklet produced by the UK council for child internet safety;

Advice on child internet safety  

Audio Tajweed practice


 Al-Hamdu Lillaah, the final part of our Quraan recitation resources is complete. This document has been developed as an aid to assist in learning Tajweed. After our students have fininshed the Qaa'idah and the bridge to Quraan they move on to learning the rules of Tajweed. The book contains twenty five of the most common rules occuring in the Quraan. You can click on the words and verses to listen to Ustaadth Hussain recite them correctly with Tajweed. Allaah, The Most High has said;

 { وَرَتِّلِ الْقُرْآنَ تَرْتِيلاً }

{…And recite The Quraan in measured recitation.} (73:4)



Sheikh Abu Bakr Shatri


Ramadan is here and from all the staff at Noor Ul Islam Primary School we pray you have a fruitful month ahead insha'Allah.

As a Ramadan treat we have uploaded the recitation of the Qur'aan by Sheikh Abu Bakr Shatri (Saudi Arabia). This was recorded during our recent Charity Dinner in April 2013.

Year 5 and 6 at Chessington

On Wednesday 18th June, Year 5 and 6 visited Chessington for their end of year trip. Alhamdulillaah the weather was great and the children had a great time on the rides. Hopefully, it will make up for all their hard work this year.



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